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The Bronisław Chromy Gallery

The Bronisław Chromy Gallery, nested in Wola Justowska’s historic Decjusz Park, is a realization of the Cracovian artist’s daring conception of a forum for his creations. Established in 1995, the Gallery includes not only an extensive sculpture garden but also an indoor gallery housed in a clever redesign of the park’s communist-era band shell. The park setting creates a natural and harmonious backdrop for Professor Chromy’s large-scale outdoor sculptures, while the spacious interiors of the Gallery building host a collection of smaller scale works, including medals, paintings, and prints. After Professor Chromy’s death in 2017, the Gallery adopted a formula aimed at presenting the collection to the public through cyclical workshops and lectures. Other activities include temporary exhibits, concerts, conventions, and receptions. The Gallery’s Café Pod Pegazem offers excellent coffee, soft drinks, fine pastries, and other refreshments. The placement of the café tables amid the artwork invites visitors to immerse themselves in Professor Chromy’s artistic realm. With its unique charm, the Bronisław Chromy Gallery has become a permanent fixture in Kraków’s cultural landscape.

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