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Graphic arts

Bronisław Chromy has repeatedly implemented his concepts in graphic techniques

Bronisław Chromy also practised graphic art, or rather drawings executed with a dry brush. There, he reached the greatest heights and achieved an unequalled style that was unique to him. His drawings are airy, with sculptural motifs frequently shining through. Amazingly, the drawings were produced after, rather than before, the sculptures. It should be mentioned that unlike most sculptors, Chromy did not make any preparatory drawings before producing his sculptures. A question could therefore be asked: which is the sketch and which is the final product? However, looking at Chromy’s graphic art, we realise that such an investigation would be pointless. Instead, we enjoy the cranes, the sometimes surreal owls, flocks of sheep resembling his sculptures made from pebbles, and finally a beautiful pair of bison lovingly looking at their young.

While Bronisław Chromy was primarily known as a sculptor, he also achieved extraordinary mastery in painting and graphic art.

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